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Website Makeover

I'll be changing my site over to a SquareSpace Site sometime this week, if you are reading these blog entries, thank you for following, I'll try and migrate the older posts to the new site, otherwise the new site will look much sleeker and have a separate section for me to sell T-shirts/Prints/Stickers and whatever else I decide would be fun to make.  



Drawlloween starts on Wednesday! One monster a day for 31 days, here is the calendar of prompts I'll be following. Use #Drawlloween, #Drawloween, or #monstober to show your work and see what everyone else is up to.



Black Tide!

I haven't been too good about posting more frequently! Sorry about that :(  

Here as some new things I've been sketching and working on, as well as a logo test for BlackTide.


More on BlackTide later. The logo is not the final, it's just a first test, these goblins are the same ones featured in on my homepage only with different coloring/rendering.


Blacktidelogo ThedwarfBW goblinbruiser goblinsgroup2 goblinssingle gobbles

Finished a big Freelance gig.

39 illustrations done. 43 if you count the second job I had.

I just got finished with the craziest two months I've had since starting this pursuit of illustration and professional art.

It started with a job creating matte paintings and UI assets for a Sci-fi film. I worked with my friends Carlton Tomlin, Ron Stevens, and Miles Wadsworth. We got to work closely with the project's director Deepak Chetty.

The film job took up all of June with a couple weeks outside of that month. We worked from 9am-5pm on assets and matte paintings for the director.

Here was my full schedule:

6:30am Wake-up and get ready, eat breakfast.

7:00am Be on the road to the University of Texas Campus. (our offices were here)

7:30-8:00am Get free parking near a coffee shop. (Spiderhouse)

7:45-8:45am Get coffee and sketch or enjoy the only time during the day were I won't have to work. Typically meet Carlton at this time. (Cafe Medici or Beware Coffee)  By the way, if you are in Austin, these two Cafes have what I consider the best espresso in the city.

9am-5pm Work on Matte paintings, UI assets, and make sure everyone is on task and meeting deadlines. (I was the Post Supervisor)

5pm-6:30pm Walk to car/drive home/traffic is bad in Austin.

6:30pm-8:00pm Exercise and eat dinner.

8:30pm-1am/2:30am Freelance.


After I finished my big job with Evil Hat Productions (39 illustrations) I had to get another set (4 illustrations) for AEG done.

Everything finally wrapped up on the 30th and now I must plan a new set of images for my portfolio and begin targeting new companies. Here are my sketches and stuff!


Sketches Vamp sketch Dead guy sketch Robo dead guy sketch Study of Bust Dumb sketch

New works and some links to cool people

I've been meaning to do this for some time, I finally have gotten around to going through all the business cards I got in December at the Massive Black LA workshop! Here are the links to these beautiful peoples' sites:

Dan Dussault

Michael Bérubé

Jonathan Mathiasen

Crystal Sully

Lana Purnell 

Timothy Kong

Israel A. Carrion  

Andrew Domachowski

Moe Balinger

Steven Howard

Lance MacCarty

Nicholas Schumaker

Daniella Gomez

Toma Feizo Gas and the folk at Vulcan Design Forge

Anton Kolyukh of Riot Games

John Kayrouz

My workshop roommates:

Sterling Tuttle

Jarrad Lajeunesse -no site available yet! :(

People in Austin, these are just some of the artists I hangout with in Austin:

Cartlon Tomlin

Ron Stevens 1 and 2

Miles Wadsworth

Michelle Dickens

Leah McKay

Matt Oppriecht

Kevin Chin

Here is some art for my brother's band DidyouseethoseBats? !

Didyouseethosebats Poster


New works and studies

Vampyres is still in it's fundraising mode, I just wrapped up some small client jobs, and studies have been going on for a while too. At day 50 of the Daily Study Group I decided it was time to make more work while still being able to work on the studies. So I have an underwater piece I'll be chipping away at every day for an hour or so. I'll post that image when it gets to a more finished state.


Here is a shirt design:



Here is a little portrait for Patchistory:



And here are studies:

2-10-14 2-11-14 2-12-14 2-13-14 2-16-14-marcrosete 2-16-14xiaogabe 2-17-14 2-18-14 2-19-14 2-21-14 12-14-14 12-15-14

Vampires, vampires, vampires.

It has been a busy week and I have been jumping from website stuff, to video and audio editing, to good old drawing. I had a later start for two of the studies this week. I'll be posting up the videos that haven't gone up yet today and tonight I'll be Livestreaming a Q&A session about Vampyres and working on a new image.

My illustration was lack luster, but the site will be ready and I'll be making up for the lack of sketching and painting next week with some client work and new fan art.

Lastly here is a finalized vampire concept that we'll be using in the feature film:

Vampire Concept

Here are some images that will be live on the Vampyres website later tonight:VioletBanner_VampyresFilm BTS_Photo_VampyresFilm1 BTS_Photo_VampyresFilm2 BTS_Photo_VampyresFilm3 BTS_Photo_VampyresFilm4 BTS_Photo_VampyresFilm5 FirstVampireConcept_Vampyresfilm EarlyVampireconcept_Vampyresfilm EarlyCharacterconcept_Vampyresfilm Posterpromo_Vampyresfilm PromoPhoto-VampyresFilm


Here are the studies from the week:2-3-14 2-4-14 2-5-14 2-6-14 2-7-14

Updates and new works! LIVESTREAM Q&A next week!

Tomorrow morning we shoot our pitch video for Vampyres and begin editing for the crowd funding campaign. I have been creating new images to use for the perks that we will be offering. These will include posters, shirts, and other goodies.

Our crowd-funding campaign will start on February 9th. I'll be Livestreaming a Q&A  on February the 7th at 7:30pm Central Standard Time. I will be answering any and all questions people have about the project, filling in everyone about my process, the organization of the campaign, and whatever else may come up that is of interest.

The one thing we will not divulge is the plot of the film itself as that is something we'd want to present in the actual film medium.

Okay time for some art! Here is a poster for Vampyres Film:

Vampyres "Tomb" poster


The Daily Study Group is going strong, I have a new schedule posted for next week and will be on tomorrow morning drawing some still life things.

Here are studies from this week:

1-26-14 1-28-14 1-29-14 1-30-14 1-31-14 day25

Studies Studies….

Well into Day 22 of the Daily Study Group and I had an epic fail live when I accidentally erased my history when trying to copy and save an older version of the study so far. Luckily it was only a study and not a real piece I was working on. I caught myself back up triple time after the I lost the history and then saved out a version of the new and old updates.

Join the Group Every weekday at 9am CST and Midday/Evenings on the Weekends.

You can watch the study fail here:

Watch live streaming video from mciii at livestream.com

Here are the rest of the studies:

 1-24-14 photostudy_wip

More studies and a new image!

Here are a bunch of studies from the Daily Study Group! I'm now studying everyday at 9am CST on my Livestream Channel. I'll be going through composition break downs every morning as well as still life and photo studies.

Also here is a new image to promote the Vampyres Film Project and a link to some viral videos Josephine is making.

Vampyres Film Poster

If you want to check out Josephine's website and IMDb page, click here!

Okay here are the studies!

1-11-14 1-12-14 1-13-14 1-14-14



1-17-14 1-18-14 1-19-14

I also made this image thats on the front page of this site as a Vampyres Promo image:


And finally I made this Lichy Wizard, he's been on the front page but I wanted to give him some blog time:

Lichy Wizard


Hey! Check out this stuff:

My Facebook, add me and chat/ join the study group!



Studies, Walter, and Video Links

I've been trying to update this blog once a week, but my alert that I had previously saved did not work for some reason, I'll be making a new one now. Here's what's been going on since that Daily Study Group started:

1-3-14 1-5-14 1-6-14 1-7-14 copy 1-8-14 1-9-14 1-10-14



Along with the studies I started up "Collin and Friends" a series of original characters that I'll be illustrating on a weekly basis.

Walter the Vicious Shark-thumbnail


Prints, shirts, mugs, and other merchandise featuring the characters will be up on my Society6 store.


If you want to catch up with the Daily Study group, or view any other videos I have online, you can find them here.

Daily Study Group

I started up a regiment of daily studies that I'll be streaming for at least an hour everyday in an effort to keep my skills up and keep progressing as I try to get regular freelance work and start working for better clients. The idea for the study group came from the Crimson Daggers Study Group and after a talk with CJ Marsh on a Google Hangout Session.

One of the original formats to the Crimson Daggers groups appears to have been daily live stream study sessions where people worked on various lessons and focuses while broadcasting their practice live and talking about their thought process while pushing each other to keep focused and progress.

So CJ and I have started the Daily Study Group through the Crimson Dagger's forum in an effort to recreate that focus on doing studies and exercises in a group and sharing ideas and lessons learned.

Here is the Crimson Daggers thread for the group, and for those that don't want to click the link can read the information below:

Daily Study Group

The Structure: Everyday an hour study

When: It's up to you, but CJ, myself and a few others will be livestreaming our sessions daily and talking though them so that you can watch them later and follow along. 

Where: This thread and the links provided below.

Miguel's LiveStream: http://www.livestream.com/mciii

CJ's Livestream: http://www.livestream.com/cjmrshpaintordie?t=144638

Daily Lesson Plans: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Al8d...sp=sharing

Miguel's Photo Study board on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/coronadoiii/photo-study-board/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So the plan is, we do the daily lesson and anyone that follows along is strongly encouraged to make their own live stream video and share both the daily study and the process video, also be sure to talk through the video and discuss your thought process. 

Here is my study from the first day (January 3rd, 2014):1-3-14

You can follow along with the first study by watching the youtube video below and working along side me (virtually).



Please join our study sessions and contribute your own videos to the cause, or feel free to just follow along with our sessions as we'll be posting links to our images and sources for every study we do.

Now for some new work to show:


Massive Black Workshop LA

I travelled, I learned, and I am refocusing my work after attending the Massive Black Workshop in LA this past weekend. It was my first workshop, my first time meeting a lot of these illustrators in person, and I was able to put my work in front of other professionals and get their feedback on what I need to work on and where to focus.

Along with the new input from my peers, I have also returned with the desire to pursue illustration over concept art and really buckle down on a career in freelance illustration for the time being.


I made two videos about my time in LA and go over what it was like and what I have learned. You can find these videos here:


Lastly, I made this video about my online resources and wanted to share that too:

Kid Chameleon designs

Kid Chameleon is a game for the Sega Genesis that I used to play all the time, it was notoriously hard (as most 80's-90's platformers were) and it had over 100 levels. The premise of the game is that there is a new virtual reality game that has opened up and kids that were playing the game were vanishing and you (Kid Chameleon) had to play the game to free all the lost kids/teens.


The game is WildSide and the Boss is "Heady Metal".


Here are some of my paintings. Hillssmall woods2small

I'll keep making some more concepts and pick a few key compositions to expand upon and create a few fan art pieces.

Promo shot and some new images completed!

Okay! Our promotional teaser/trailer was shot last Friday and I've since met with the editor and gone over the footage. Everything looks great and the shoot went well. For more information on the Vampyres Project, follow this link!  

Here is a process image for your eyes to look over and another set of vampire make-up concepts. The top image is fairly large in order to be able to see some of the actual process detail.


"Vampyres" Make-up concept art

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