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Vampires, vampires, vampires.

It has been a busy week and I have been jumping from website stuff, to video and audio editing, to good old drawing. I had a later start for two of the studies this week. I'll be posting up the videos that haven't gone up yet today and tonight I'll be Livestreaming a Q&A session about Vampyres and working on a new image.

My illustration was lack luster, but the site will be ready and I'll be making up for the lack of sketching and painting next week with some client work and new fan art.

Lastly here is a finalized vampire concept that we'll be using in the feature film:

Vampire Concept

Here are some images that will be live on the Vampyres website later tonight:VioletBanner_VampyresFilm BTS_Photo_VampyresFilm1 BTS_Photo_VampyresFilm2 BTS_Photo_VampyresFilm3 BTS_Photo_VampyresFilm4 BTS_Photo_VampyresFilm5 FirstVampireConcept_Vampyresfilm EarlyVampireconcept_Vampyresfilm EarlyCharacterconcept_Vampyresfilm Posterpromo_Vampyresfilm PromoPhoto-VampyresFilm


Here are the studies from the week:2-3-14 2-4-14 2-5-14 2-6-14 2-7-14

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