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Miguel Coronado III

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Finished a big Freelance gig.

39 illustrations done. 43 if you count the second job I had.

I just got finished with the craziest two months I've had since starting this pursuit of illustration and professional art.

It started with a job creating matte paintings and UI assets for a Sci-fi film. I worked with my friends Carlton Tomlin, Ron Stevens, and Miles Wadsworth. We got to work closely with the project's director Deepak Chetty.

The film job took up all of June with a couple weeks outside of that month. We worked from 9am-5pm on assets and matte paintings for the director.

Here was my full schedule:

6:30am Wake-up and get ready, eat breakfast.

7:00am Be on the road to the University of Texas Campus. (our offices were here)

7:30-8:00am Get free parking near a coffee shop. (Spiderhouse)

7:45-8:45am Get coffee and sketch or enjoy the only time during the day were I won't have to work. Typically meet Carlton at this time. (Cafe Medici or Beware Coffee)  By the way, if you are in Austin, these two Cafes have what I consider the best espresso in the city.

9am-5pm Work on Matte paintings, UI assets, and make sure everyone is on task and meeting deadlines. (I was the Post Supervisor)

5pm-6:30pm Walk to car/drive home/traffic is bad in Austin.

6:30pm-8:00pm Exercise and eat dinner.

8:30pm-1am/2:30am Freelance.


After I finished my big job with Evil Hat Productions (39 illustrations) I had to get another set (4 illustrations) for AEG done.

Everything finally wrapped up on the 30th and now I must plan a new set of images for my portfolio and begin targeting new companies. Here are my sketches and stuff!


Sketches Vamp sketch Dead guy sketch Robo dead guy sketch Study of Bust Dumb sketch

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