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Miguel Coronado III

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New works and studies

Vampyres is still in it's fundraising mode, I just wrapped up some small client jobs, and studies have been going on for a while too. At day 50 of the Daily Study Group I decided it was time to make more work while still being able to work on the studies. So I have an underwater piece I'll be chipping away at every day for an hour or so. I'll post that image when it gets to a more finished state.


Here is a shirt design:



Here is a little portrait for Patchistory:



And here are studies:

2-10-14 2-11-14 2-12-14 2-13-14 2-16-14-marcrosete 2-16-14xiaogabe 2-17-14 2-18-14 2-19-14 2-21-14 12-14-14 12-15-14

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