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More studies and a new image!

Here are a bunch of studies from the Daily Study Group! I'm now studying everyday at 9am CST on my Livestream Channel. I'll be going through composition break downs every morning as well as still life and photo studies.

Also here is a new image to promote the Vampyres Film Project and a link to some viral videos Josephine is making.

Vampyres Film Poster

If you want to check out Josephine's website and IMDb page, click here!

Okay here are the studies!

1-11-14 1-12-14 1-13-14 1-14-14



1-17-14 1-18-14 1-19-14

I also made this image thats on the front page of this site as a Vampyres Promo image:


And finally I made this Lichy Wizard, he's been on the front page but I wanted to give him some blog time:

Lichy Wizard


Hey! Check out this stuff:

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