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New works and some links to cool people

I've been meaning to do this for some time, I finally have gotten around to going through all the business cards I got in December at the Massive Black LA workshop! Here are the links to these beautiful peoples' sites:

Dan Dussault

Michael Bérubé

Jonathan Mathiasen

Crystal Sully

Lana Purnell 

Timothy Kong

Israel A. Carrion  

Andrew Domachowski

Moe Balinger

Steven Howard

Lance MacCarty

Nicholas Schumaker

Daniella Gomez

Toma Feizo Gas and the folk at Vulcan Design Forge

Anton Kolyukh of Riot Games

John Kayrouz

My workshop roommates:

Sterling Tuttle

Jarrad Lajeunesse -no site available yet! :(

People in Austin, these are just some of the artists I hangout with in Austin:

Cartlon Tomlin

Ron Stevens 1 and 2

Miles Wadsworth

Michelle Dickens

Leah McKay

Matt Oppriecht

Kevin Chin

Here is some art for my brother's band DidyouseethoseBats? !

Didyouseethosebats Poster


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