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Whoa! Long time no blog!

I'm going to be doing a series of Twitch stream about the basics of Photoshop painting. I'll go over interface and tools and highlight several processes for painting and illustrating. 


If you want to watch Part 1, check it out on my Youtube Channel, I'll be uploading the videos there after the streams: My Youtube Channel

www.Twitch.tv/Mike086   Follow me to be notified when I go live. 

If you are looking to download my brushes, you can find those here: MCIII Brushes

Robot Pencil Mentorship

Chupacabra Con!

Well, this weekend was a first, my first table at a convention. (see picture below) 

Sales were at a minimum but meeting some cool game developers and making myself known to the gaming public was my main goal. 

I did create a set of art cards to sell, the unsold ones (most of them) will be online within the week and up for sale to the internet public. 

A big thank you to everyone that stopped by and said "hi!" to me at the convention it was a cool experience.  The next convention I'll have a booth at is Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! 4 

In the mean time, I'll be catching talks at the Creative Juice Expo at the end of the month and getting artwork done to submit to Spectrum 22

Thank you for visiting my site, if you enjoy my work, share it with your friends, I'll be back to the grind in the mean time.

A big thank you to Carlton Tomlin for helping me with my table. Check out the work of Priscilla Kim, and Alicia Vogel, two other artists from the Sketch Night that were tabling at Chupacabra Con.

Black Tide Elf Development

I've been designing different fantasy creatures for BlackTide. Each species is based on classic fantasy creature: dwarves, elves, goblins, orcs. 

I've touched on the goblins and dwarves, the orcs even have a little work done on them, but I've been putting off the elves until now.

Here is my progress so far:

Character Design and Shape Language

Hello everyone! 

I gave a talk about character design and shape language last week. If you want to watch that talk again you can do so here: 

I recorded a longer video where I sketch out some ideas for the Empire of the Void. 

Along with this video I wanted to link a few more resources about character design that I've watched. 

Ricky Nierva's TED talk that has a lot of information about character design and shape language: 

I also wanted to link everyone to some webpages about character design, those can be found here: 

Character Design Blogspot

Chris Oatley's Website - Chris Oatley is a former Disney character designer and concept artist who started his own online art school. His site has an amazing amount of resources and artist interviews. 

Dan Warren's Mentoring Class: 

Dan Warren's videos were a great resource to me as I was trying to learn more about designing characters and telling stories through their wardrobe and accessories. 


Hope this stuff helps! Keep learning. 

Introduction to Digital Painting Session 2

Okay good news Class! We're throwing out the syllabus and gearing the rest of the sessions to what all of you want to focus on, I'll work in fundamentals and Photoshop technical aspects into the different sessions. 


Bad news for the past two session I've seen that the livestream video quality is absolute crap so I won't be streaming the class online, instead I'll capture my screen and voice and upload the video after the class day. 


This means that the next sessions will look nice and crisp instead of low quality. Sorry about the low quality of the previous sessions. 


Here is the video from Session 2: 

Again, feel free to contact me with any issues or questions about the class, we'll have better video the next sessions and I'll send out a new syllabus next week. 

Introduction to Digital Painting Session 1

Welcome to my blog! As part of the Introduction to Digital Painting class I'll be linking some resources from each of my sessions in this blog.


Click here to access our class thread for questions and to post work. 

Here is the Crimson Daggers forum for resources and to receive feedback and critique.  

If you missed the class you can watch and listen to the demos here: 

Watch live streaming video from mciii at livestream.com
mciii on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free
Watch live streaming video from mciii at livestream.com


Here are my Brushes!

If you are in my class and viewing this post, please begin playing in photoshop before Thursday's class, make marks, draw something, and troubleshoot your system before you come to the next class. 


The only things I need you to do before the next class is to get Photoshop up and running and get your Tablet working with pressure sensitivity/ready to go for Thursday. If you do have your system running, begin making marks, playing with brushes and getting a feel for working with your tablet. 


Email me with Questions


New work on it's way, Drawlloween Week 1

The first week of October means the first week of Drawlloween, one monster a day for 31 days. 

Here are the first 7 monsters: 

Besides Drawlloween I'll be working on another sea witch for the Black Tide world and a mascot for a small RPG convention that will be going on in January. 

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