Miguel Coronado III

Miguel Coronado III

Concept Artist and Illustrator




Introduction to Digital Painting Session 2

Okay good news Class! We're throwing out the syllabus and gearing the rest of the sessions to what all of you want to focus on, I'll work in fundamentals and Photoshop technical aspects into the different sessions. 


Bad news for the past two session I've seen that the livestream video quality is absolute crap so I won't be streaming the class online, instead I'll capture my screen and voice and upload the video after the class day. 


This means that the next sessions will look nice and crisp instead of low quality. Sorry about the low quality of the previous sessions. 


Here is the video from Session 2: 

Again, feel free to contact me with any issues or questions about the class, we'll have better video the next sessions and I'll send out a new syllabus next week. 

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