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Miguel Coronado III

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Introduction to Digital Painting Session 1

Welcome to my blog! As part of the Introduction to Digital Painting class I'll be linking some resources from each of my sessions in this blog.


Click here to access our class thread for questions and to post work. 

Here is the Crimson Daggers forum for resources and to receive feedback and critique.  

If you missed the class you can watch and listen to the demos here: 

Watch live streaming video from mciii at livestream.com
mciii on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free
Watch live streaming video from mciii at livestream.com


Here are my Brushes!

If you are in my class and viewing this post, please begin playing in photoshop before Thursday's class, make marks, draw something, and troubleshoot your system before you come to the next class. 


The only things I need you to do before the next class is to get Photoshop up and running and get your Tablet working with pressure sensitivity/ready to go for Thursday. If you do have your system running, begin making marks, playing with brushes and getting a feel for working with your tablet. 


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