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Character Design and Shape Language

Hello everyone! 

I gave a talk about character design and shape language last week. If you want to watch that talk again you can do so here: 

I recorded a longer video where I sketch out some ideas for the Empire of the Void. 

Along with this video I wanted to link a few more resources about character design that I've watched. 

Ricky Nierva's TED talk that has a lot of information about character design and shape language: 

I also wanted to link everyone to some webpages about character design, those can be found here: 

Character Design Blogspot

Chris Oatley's Website - Chris Oatley is a former Disney character designer and concept artist who started his own online art school. His site has an amazing amount of resources and artist interviews. 

Dan Warren's Mentoring Class: 

Dan Warren's videos were a great resource to me as I was trying to learn more about designing characters and telling stories through their wardrobe and accessories. 


Hope this stuff helps! Keep learning. 

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