Miguel Coronado III

Miguel Coronado III

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Studies, sketches, and Vampyres updates.

So at the beginning of the week we decided to pay for some Facebook advertising to boost our page's exposure. The ads have paid off with our "likes" jumping from 130 to 391 in about two days. The ads take images from our page and run them on the sidebar of people's profiles. We targeted the entire United States and specifically anyone who had "liked" vampires, Dracula, TrueBlood, Interview with a Vampire, Lost Boys, and other known vampire franchises. Here are images we've released on our page:

Orphan vampire Promovamp2 storyboardpromo


Besides Vampyres, I have been back to my morning studies and sketches. I'm also planning on going to the Massive Black workshop in December.

9-23-13 9-24-13 9-26-13 Master Study WIP Suits Space Suits

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